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Redesigning your Landscape - services and costs

Scope of Work

We are happy to consult with you at your home or in your community. An on-site visit will help you, the homeowner or member of an association, become involved. It is also the first step in the design process. What do you want to do now? In the near future? We recommend thinking through the following during an pre-requisite on-site visit with our staff representative who will walk around your property with you.

  • Condition of the trees. These are significant assets and require professional care, especially in urban environments. Our certified arborist can advise you on the health of your trees.
  • Condition of existing yard plants. This is an opportunity to look at the areas you would like to replant and assess the health and location of your existing vegetation to determine what might stay and what should go.
  • Condition of the lawn. Maintaining a lawn requires care—mowing, fertilizing, irrigation, and pest management. To save you time and money, we recommend reducing, minimizing or removing your lawn and replacing it with hardy plantings which can be done over time or all at once .A knowledgeable staff member, who is certified and licensed in the use of herbicides by Sarasota County, can kill your turf appropriately so that you can begin to transform your yard into a pest-free oasis.
  • Plantings. Our staff representative can advise you about the kinds and numbers of additional plants needed to replant all or a portion of your yard. We’ll discuss cold hardiness, maintenance needs, nutrient requirements, and rate of growth of suitable species. Experience has shown that native plants, adapted to our local soils and climate, should make up 80% to 85% of the overall plant palette for your site. We can also help you choose suitable places on you property for edibles and herbs.
  • Additional landscape materials. Often there are opportunities or a need for additional materials to complete a landscape vision. These may include: a.) minimal landscape contouring, b.) temporary micro-irrigation, c.) topsoil, d.) shell/rock/sand along the foundation or as paths and features in the landscape, e.) additional organic mulch, f.) landscape features such as boulders or trellis’s. We can discuss these during the site visit.
Timing of Work

In this area of Florida, you can rethink and then replant your yard anytime. We like to say that “you can plant when you can water.” Establishing plants takes time and supervision. We will provide you with our recommended plant care and establishment guide and discuss your particular requirements on site. We try to complete the home visit, site plan and installation within a two-month time frame.

Cost of Work

Redesigning your yard takes time and money. When and how much work you do on your property often depends on cost. We have outlined costs so that you can decide how much work WE will do for you and how much YOU will do yourselves. We will work with you to stay within your budget.

Initial On-site Visit

$125.00/hour (up to 30-mile radius from the Nursery, additional mileage to be charged at $.75/mile)

Design Work

We can design a garden bed for you or an entire landscape. We work on an hourly basis to meet your needs. A design includes a graphic layout of recommended species and spacing for a given area over time. The design, which is to scale, will be based on the size of plants at maturity. This will avoid over- planting.

$65.00/hour (minimum 2-3 hours)


Plant cost. See our Plant and Price List for our plant prices.

Larger plant material requiring earth-moving equipment to install may be contracted for separately by homeowners. We will provide a list of licensed professionals we recommend.

Additional Landscape Materials (hardscape, irrigation supplies, etc.)

Cost plus 20%.

Installation/Maintenance/Additional Labor

Before we plant, we prepare the site. This includes killing or removing grass, removing unwanted shrubbery, pruning nearby trees and shrubs (if necessary) and removing waste. We can do the hot exhausting work for you and we do it right because we have years of experience getting plants established. (The majority of hardy trees fail in Florida because they are planted too deeply.) Feel free to watch us. We work quickly and efficiently. Installation costs depend on site conditions and the costs can include the following:

Installation (includes delivery) of landscape plan: 80% of cost of plants

Certified Herbicide Specialist: $40.00/hour

Micro-Irrigation Specialist: $40.00/hour

Prep work based on landscape plan (transplanting, spread soil, etc.): $40.00/hour (up to 30-mile radius from the Nursery, additional mileage to be charged at $.75 per mile)

Follow-up visits

During establishment period: $40.00/hour

Delivery/Installation (without design or consultation work)

Local delivery flat rate: $60.00 (up to 30-mile radius from the Nursery, additional mileage to be charged at $.75 per mile)

Installation: $65.00/hour

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