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  Common Name Botanical Name Max Size Cold Light Salt pH Moisture Leaves Features
Beauty Berry Callicarpa americana 6ft H PS F W D/AV D Small pinkish white flowers in spring and purple berries in fall. Good understory for shade. Wildlife attracting.
Buttonwood. Silver Conocarpus erectus: var sericeus 15ft T S E W AV/M E Good hedge, screen or specimen for coastal sites and barrier islands. Distinctive silver foliage.
Cocoplum Chrysobalanus icaco 12ft T S/SP E W AV/M E Upright form. Excellent wildlife attractor. Produces sweet tasting "plums".
  Cocoplum (Dwf) Chrysobalanus icaco 3ft T S/SP E W AV/D E Excellent small, horizontal growing evergreen shrub for coastal areas.
Coral Bean Erythrina herbacea 15ft H S/PS E W D D Attracts hummingbirds. Red, tubular blooms before leaves in spring.
Elderberry. Southern Sambucus canadensis 15ft H S/PS P AC AV/M E White edible flowers in flat-topped clusters most seasons. Black fruit eaten by birds, used for pies, jellies, jams and wines. Weeping large shrub or small tree. Suckers.
  Fetterbush Lyonia lucida 8ft H S/PS P AC AV E Profuse and prolonged flowering during spring. Aromatic shiny leaves. Multi-stemmed.
  Fiddlewood Citharexylum fruticosum 18ft T S F W D E Small shrubby tree. White fragrant flowers year round. Glossy green leaf
Firebush Hamelia patens 12ft T S/PS F W AV/M E Will freeze to ground, but will resprout. Wildlife attractor. Coral flowers. Color for shade
  Florida Privet Forestiera segregata 10ft H S/PS E W D/AV/M S Dense dark green foliage. Good hedge plant. Excellent bird attractor.
Holly. Yaupon (Dwf) Ilex vomitoria cv.Schellings 2-3ft H S/PS E W AV/D E Border planting or mass planting Slow growing. New growth has red tips.
Holly. Yaupon Ilex vomitoria 20ft H S/PS E W AV/D E Small tree or large shrub. Small white flowers. Red berries on female for wildlife.
  Jamaican Caper Capparis cynophallophora 15ft T S/PS E W AV/D E Small understory tree for coastal sites. White/pinkish fragrant blossoms in summer. Specimen tree.
  Lantana. Wild Lantana involucrata 6ft SH PS E W AV/D E Coastal areas. White to light lavender flowers. Butterfly Attractor.
Marlberry Ardisia escalloniodes 15ft T PS E W D/AV/M E Fragrant white flowers. Dense habit. Good for screens. Columnar. Coastal.
Necklace Pod Sophora tomentosa 6-8ft T S E W AV/M E Yellow flowers. Soft, green to gray foliage. Butterfly attractor.
  Pitchapple Clusia rosea 8ft T S/PS E W D/M E Large, succulent leaves. Showy. Specimen or buffer plant.
  Sea Grape Coccoloba uvifera 15-20ft T S/PS E W AV/D E Large leaves. Will freeze to ground inland but will resprout. Shrub or shaped as tree.
  Senna Chapman's Senna mexicana 1-3ft SH S/PS E W AV E Yellow flowers fall, winter. Excellent butterfly attractor.
  Senna Privet Senna ligustrina 6ft SH S/PS E W AV E Yellow flowers in fall. Excellent butterfly plant.
Stopper. Simpson's Myrcianthes fragrans 10ft H S/PS F W AV/M E Use as small tree or hedge plant. Aromatic leaves, fragrant white flowers.
  Walter's Viburnum Viburnum obovatum 15ft H S/PS F W D/ M E Versatile. Easily pruned. Small white flowers in spring.
Walter's Viburnum (Dwf) Viburnum obovatum 2ft H S/PS F W D/M E Mrs. Schiller's Delight. Compact, low shrub for borders or accents. White flowers most of the year
Wax Myrtle Myrica cerifera 20ft H S/PS E W AV/M E Highly adaptable as small tree or shrub. Good wildlife cover. Great buffer plant.
Wild Coffee Psychotria nervosa 4ft T PS/SH F W AV E Dark shiny leaves. Bright red berries