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Plants with this icon are non-native and Florida-friendly.
Plants with this icon have to be special ordered. There is no additional cost to you.
Shrub Prices and Sizes: 1 gal $7.50, 3 gal $15.00, 7 gal $45.00
NOTE: We do not use pesticides, herbicides or synthetic chemicals on our plants. A knowledgable staff member can help you with your plant selections. Be sure to call ahead (941) 322-1915 for availability if you coming out for a specific plant only.
  Common Name Botanical Name Max Size Cold Light Salt pH Moisture Leaves Features
Holly. Yaupon (Dwf) Ilex vomitoria cv.Schellings 2-3ft H S/PS E W AV/D E Border planting or mass planting Slow growing. New growth has red tips.
Prostrate Porterweed Stachytarpheta jamaicensis 2ft T S/PS P W AV/D E Butterfly attractor. Low growing. Blue flowers.
  Rouge Plant Rivina humilis 3ft SH PS F W AV/D/M E Spreading plant for color in shade. Red berries for birds.
Scorpion Tail Heliotropium angiospermum 2ft T S/PS P W   E Perennial. Long white terminal flowers. Re-seeds and naturalizes.
Walter's Viburnum (Dwf) Viburnum obovatum 2ft H S/PS F W D/M E Mrs. Schiller's Delight. Compact, low shrub for borders or accents. White flowers most of the year. 1 gal $6, 3 gal $12
Trees  | Palms | Coontie | Shrubs | Shrubs Under 3ft | Vines | Grasses 
 Groundcovers | Ferns | Wildflowers | Wetland Plants | Edibles