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  Common Name Botanical Name Max Size Cold Light Salt pH Moisture Leaves Features
Buttonwood. Silver Conocarpus erectus: var sericeus 15ft T S E W AV/M E Good hedge, screen or specimen for coastal sites and barrier islands. Distinctive silver foliage.
Cedar. Southern Red Juniperus silicicola 30ft H S/PS E W D/AV/M E Used as living Xmas tree. Good nesting cover for birds. Excellent buffer plant.
Cypress. Bald Taxodium distichum 40ft H S F W AV/FL D Large long-lived tree for wet or dry sites. Pest resistant.
  Cypress. Pond Taxodium ascendens 30ft H S P W AV/M D Excellent pond and swale edge tree.
Elm. Florida Ulmus americana var.floridana 45ft H S P W AV/M D Fast growing shade tree.
Elm. Winged Ulmus alata 35ft H S P W AV/D D Corky "wings" on branches. Nice specimen tree for extra dry sites. Wide spread.
Fig. Strangler Ficus aurea 40ft SH S/SH E W D E Erect, evergreen canopy tree, for tropical large sites only. Fast growing.
  Fringe Tree Chionanthus virginicus 20ft H S/SH E AC AV/M D Small, flowering tree. Slow-growing. Drought-tolerant. Flowers with fringe-like petals in Spring followed by olive-like fruit. Among the most trouble-free small landscape trees.
  Geiger Tree Cordia sebestena 20ft T S/PS E W AV/D E Bright orange, trumpet shaped flowers that bloom year round. Attracts hummingbirds. Will freeze inland. Drought-tolerant.
Gumbo Limbo Bursera simaruba 40ft SH S E W AV/D D Distinctive peeling copper-colored bark.
Holly. Yaupon Ilex vomitoria 20ft H S/PS E W AV/D E Small tree or large shrub. Small white flowers. Red berries on female for wildlife.
Holly Yaupon (Weeping) Ilex vomitoria (pendula) 20ft H S/PS E W AV/D E Unique weeping form. Columnar shape. Slow growing. Specimen tree. Red berries.
Holly. Dahoon Ilex cassine 25ft H S/PS F AC AV/FL E Good for moist sites. Red berries on female tree for wildlife.
  Magnolia. Southern Magnolia grandiflora 25ft H S/PS F AC AV E Special OrderCultivar "Little Gem". Compact, narrow, upright form. Fragrant blooms 8 months of year.
  Mangrove. Black Avicennaia germinans 25ft SH S E   W E Special OrderProduces numerous "breathing roots" (pneumatophores) which protrude from muddy bottoms around the tree. Stabilizes and protects saltwater shorelines.
  Mangrove. Red Rhizophora mangie 25ft SH S E   W E Special Order Produces aerial "prop" roots from lower trunk. Stabilizes and protects saltwater shorelines.
  Mangrove. White Laguncularia racemosa 25ft SH S E   W E Special OrderOval, thick, pale, grayish-greenish leaves. Stabilizes and protects saltwater shorelines.
  Oak. Laurel Quercus laurifolia 40ft H S/PS P AL AV/M D Special OrderFast growing. Dense. 100 year life span.
Oak. Live Quercus virginiana 45ft H S E W AV/D S Very broad crown. Needs space. Long lived tree.
  Oak. Myrtle Quercus myrtifolia 20ft H S E W AV/D E Special OrderDense shrub or small tree. Excellent wildlife cover produces many acorns. Suitable for coastal regions.
  Oak. Sand Live Quercus geminata 20ft H S E W AV/D E Special OrderDense shrub or small tree Wide spread. Suitable for coastal regions as well as inland.
Pine. Longleaf Pinus palustris 40ft H S F AC AV/D E Long lived tree. Good disease resistance. Nest and food source for birds.
Pine. Slash Pinus elliottii 40ft H S F W AV E Fast growth. Light, even high shade. Nest and food source for birds.
  Plum. Chickasaw Prunus anqustifolia 12ft H S/PS P AC D/M D Dense, multi-stemmed, colonizes. Showy, white, Spring blooms. Edible fruit.
Plum. Flatwoods Prunus umbellata 20ft H S/PS P AC AV/M D Wild Plum Single trunk. Purplish, edible fruit. Showy, white, Spring bloom.
Red Maple Acer rubrum 40ft H S/PS P AC AV/M/FL D Fast growing shade tree. Red seeds and fall foliage.
  Sweet Acacia Acacia farnesiana 15ft SH S E W AV/D S Special OrderBright yellow fragrant flowers in winter. Thorny spines. Excellent nesting tree.
  Wild Lime Zanthoxylum fagara 15ft SH S/PS E W D/AV E Small shrubby tree with hooked thorns on branches. Butterfly attractor.
  Yellow-Elder Tecoma stans 15ft SH S F W AV/D E Special OrderNoted for its brilliant, bell-shaped, fragrant yellow flowers. Flowers most of the year. Fast-growing. Drought-tolerant. Pest-tolerant. Attracts butterflies.