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Advice at the Nursery

Before you visit...

1. Walk around your landscape. Think about what you like about it and what you want to change. Don’t try to work on everything all at once. It’s best to make changes in increments over time. We suggest a 3 year time frame. Look area by area. Create naturalistic beds that are no bigger than 20 by 30 feet, a manageable size, which can be established over a 3 month period.

2. Study our website. It's full of informative articles, photographs and detailed descriptions of plants and techniques. For further study on the web, see our Other Resources page.

3. Refer to Natural Florida Landscaping by Dan Walton and Laurel Schiller, the Nursery owners. (Available at the nursery, bookstores, your local library or on the web).

4. Photograph the areas of your landscape you want to work on and take some basic measurements. This is easily done by pacing off the length and width of the garden bed you’d like to create. One pace is 3 feet.

When you visit...

When you come, bring your photos and a rough estimate of the size of your work area. Keep in mind what you want to do while you walk around the nursery to get an overview of plant possibilities. Plants are grouped by type i.e. trees, shrubs, wildflowers, edibles etc. Make a note of what plants you like. We’re available to answer questions and make suggestions.

We also offer personalized landscaping advice at the nursery. Please call ahead of time to set up an appointment.

Cost: $65/hour