think local, think natural, think native


Florida Native Plant Nursery’s knowledgeable staff knows native plants and how to maintain them over time. Our goal is to help you establish a sustainable landscape with minimal work on your part. Let Mother Nature do the job. Plant properly, help get it established and then leave it alone. We believe in minimizing care.

Native plants have natural forms and growth rates that are determined by both their genetics and their environments. Their forms and growth rates will respond to environmental variables such as sunlight, soil, moisture and nutrient availability. If they are planted in the right place they will usually thrive without adding fertilizer, watering, shaping, or eliminating pests.

However, Florida natural landscapes do require occasional care. We can monitor the health of your plants. Because we don’t have regular freezes here, exotic pest plants can invade your garden. It is important to know the difference between a re-seeding wildflower (Download the Seedling Image Project to study on your own) and an invasive weed (visit the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council to learn more about invasives). Our experienced staff knows what to weed out and what to leave. They understand the natural growth of trees and shrubs and prune accordingly.