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Plant Native with our Help

Incorporating native plants in your yard takes time and money but the benefits to you and your community far outweigh the costs. We are happy to consult with you at your home to help you create a garden that meets your needs whether it be attracting butterflies, creating a color palette of plants, planting a visual and sound thicket, or gearing your landscape towards sustainability.

Phase 1: Visit to your Property

Laurel Schiller, co-owner of the Florida Native Plants Nursery, an award-winning wildlife ecologist, Florida master gardener and naturalist will walk your property with you and discuss how to take the important first steps:

  • Dry out areas under your eaves and move plants away from foundation walls.
  • Retain rainwater and redirect it toward planted beds.
  • Identify and evaluate existing plants and help you decide what should stay and what should go.
  • Rethink lawn.
  • Create shade.
  • Locate pathways and future areas to be planted in native plants.
  • Determine best locations for edibles and herbs.


Approximately 1 hour.


The second step, included in the cost of your property visit, is a scheduled, follow-up visit to the Nursery with Laurel. During this second discussion you can:

  • Define your project goals.
  • Learn about and see many plants in our gardens and grounds that are appropriate for your site.
  • Schedule a delivery of plants and garden materials.
  • Purchase plants, mulch and load up your vehicle or schedule delivery and plant placement help.
  • Contract for help with plant placement.


Approximately 1 hour.


In this area (south central) of Florida, you can rethink and then immediately replant your yard anytime. Establishing plants takes time and supervision. We like to say: “You can plant when you can water.” We will provide you with our “Plant Care and Establishment Guide.” We also offer additional information on our website including lists of what to plant where, different types of plants i.e. trees, shrubs, wildflowers etc. and a variety of “how to” articles on gardening with native plants.


Doing some of your own work will lower costs. We offer a variety of options ranging from help with your plan, deciding on appropriate plants, plus plants and garden materials for the ”do it yourselfer” to the full package of planning, evaluating your design, materials, delivery and plant placement. Our costs are outlined below.

Visit to your Property and Nursery Visit

$125.00 for the two visits plus mileage from the Nursery to your site and back at $1.00/mile. This includes a follow-up, scheduled, walkabout at the nursery to recommend appropriate native plants. $125. for the two visits plus mileage from the Nursery to your site and back at $1.00/mile. The visit to your property and follow-up walkabout at the Nursery to choose appropriate native plants each last approximately one hour.

We also offer consultations for your community or homeowners association at similar costs.

Delivery and Placement

Delivery of Plants: $65.00 plus mileage to from the nursery at $1.00/mile.

Help with Placement of Plants on Property Site: $65.00/hour.

Plant Costs

Plant cost. See our Plant and Price List for our plant prices.


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