think local, think natural, think native


Properly managed preserves and naturalized areas add beauty and value to your landscape or your homeowners association common grounds and provide needed habitat for urban and suburban wildlife. Management plans, approved during the development phase, ensure that these common areas can be maintained to retain their natural integrity. We offer our expertise and professional services as native plant landscape managers to help you fulfill your ongoing commitment to your land.

Let us manage the preserves and naturalized areas on your property. This could include a three to five year plan to:

  • Remove invasive exotic plants from preserve areas. We can help you obtain lowest bid contracts and oversee the work.
  • Identify seedling native species that sprout where exotics have been removed. Once competition is removed and sunlight penetrates to the woodland leaf litter, native species will often reestablish themselves from dormant seed stock. Recognizing what is native and what isn't requires knowledgeable staff.
  • Develop plans to replant indigenous native species where appropriate for the preserve area. We grow over 110 native plant species for all ecosystems found in our area. We work with other native nurseries in our area to obtain plants we don't grow.

We offer you an initial consultation, free of charge, to discuss our preserve management services. We will also meet with your membership free of charge to provide them with background information on why management is required and answer their questions on costs and benefits.