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Plants with this icon are non-native and Florida-friendly.
Plants with this icon have to be special ordered. There is no additional cost to you.

We hand weed our pots and property rather than use weed killing herbicides and we use organic fertilizers on our plants. These are just two of our environmental commitments to you, to future generations and to Florida.

When you visit, knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help you select the best plants for your situation.

  Common Name Botanical Name Max Size Cold Light Salt pH Moisture Leaves Features
Beauty Berry Callicarpa americana 6ft H PS F W D/AV D Small pinkish white flowers in spring and purple berries in fall. Good understory for shade. Wildlife attracting.
Buttonwood. Silver Conocarpus erectus: var sericeus 15ft T S E W AV/M E Good hedge, screen or specimen for coastal sites and barrier islands. Distinctive silver foliage.
Cocoplum Chrysobalanus icaco 12ft T S/SP E W AV/M E Upright form. Excellent wildlife attractor. Produces sweet tasting "plums".
  Cocoplum (Dwf) Chrysobalanus icaco 3ft T S/SP E W AV/D E Excellent small, horizontal growing evergreen shrub for coastal areas.
Coral Bean Erythrina herbacea 15ft H S/PS E W D D Attracts hummingbirds. Red, tubular blooms before leaves in spring.
Elderberry. Southern Sambucus canadensis 15ft H S/PS P AC AV/M E White edible flowers in flat-topped clusters most seasons. Black fruit eaten by birds, used for pies, jellies, jams and wines. Weeping large shrub or small tree. Suckers.
  Fetterbush Lyonia lucida 8ft H S/PS P AC AV E Profuse and prolonged flowering during spring. Aromatic shiny leaves. Multi-stemmed.
  Fiddlewood Citharexylum fruticosum 18ft T S F W D E Small shrubby tree. White fragrant flowers year round. Glossy green leaf
Firebush Hamelia patens 12ft T S/PS F W AV/M E Will freeze to ground, but will resprout. Wildlife attractor. Coral flowers. Color for shade
  Florida Privet Forestiera segregata 10ft H S/PS E W D/AV/M S Dense dark green foliage. Good hedge plant. Excellent bird attractor.
Holly. Yaupon (Dwf) Ilex vomitoria cv.Schellings 2-3ft H S/PS E W AV/D E Border planting or mass planting Slow growing. New growth has red tips.
Holly. Yaupon Ilex vomitoria 20ft H S/PS E W AV/D E Small tree or large shrub. Small white flowers. Red berries on female for wildlife.
  Jamaican Caper Capparis cynophallophora 15ft T S/PS E W AV/D E Small understory tree for coastal sites. White/pinkish fragrant blossoms in summer. Specimen tree.
  Lantana. Wild Lantana involucrata 6ft SH PS E W AV/D E Coastal areas. White to light lavender flowers. Butterfly Attractor.
Marlberry Ardisia escalloniodes 15ft T PS E W D/AV/M E Fragrant white flowers. Dense habit. Good for screens. Columnar. Coastal.
Necklace Pod Sophora tomentosa 6-8ft T S E W AV/M E Yellow flowers. Soft, green to gray foliage. Butterfly attractor.
  Pitchapple Clusia rosea 8ft T S/PS E W D/M E Large, succulent leaves. Showy. Specimen or buffer plant.
  Sea Grape Coccoloba uvifera 15-20ft T S/PS E W AV/D E Large leaves. Will freeze to ground inland but will resprout. Shrub or shaped as tree.
  Senna Chapman's Senna mexicana 1-3ft SH S/PS E W AV E Yellow flowers fall, winter. Excellent butterfly attractor.
  Senna Privet Senna ligustrina 6ft SH S/PS E W AV E Yellow flowers in fall. Excellent butterfly plant.
Stopper. Simpson's Myrcianthes fragrans 10ft H S/PS F W AV/M E Use as small tree or hedge plant. Aromatic leaves, fragrant white flowers.
  Walter's Viburnum Viburnum obovatum 15ft H S/PS F W D/ M E Versatile. Easily pruned. Small white flowers in spring.
Walter's Viburnum (Dwf) Viburnum obovatum 2ft H S/PS F W D/M E Mrs. Schiller's Delight. Compact, low shrub for borders or accents. White flowers most of the year
Wax Myrtle Myrica cerifera 20ft H S/PS E W AV/M E Highly adaptable as small tree or shrub. Good wildlife cover. Great buffer plant.
Wild Coffee Psychotria nervosa 4ft T PS/SH F W AV E Dark shiny leaves. Bright red berries
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