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Plants with this icon have pictures associated with them. Click to view the corresponding plant's pictures.
Plants with this icon are non-native and Florida-friendly.
Plants with this icon have to be special ordered. There is no additional cost to you.

We hand weed our pots and property rather than use weed killing herbicides and we use organic fertilizers on our plants. These are just two of our environmental commitments to you, to future generations and to Florida.

When you visit, knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help you select the best plants for your situation.

  Common Name Botanical Name Max Size Cold Light Salt pH Moisture Leaves Features
Beach Buttercup. Yellow Turnera ulmifolia 2-3ft SH S/PS E W D E Florida-friendlyPerennial. Blooms all year, attracts pollinators, reseeds.
Beach Sunflower Helianthus debilis 2ft H S E W AV/D E Long lived annual. Reseeds. Showy yellow flowers all year. Excellent groundcover.
  Bird Pepper Capsicum annum: sp 2ft H S E W AV/D   Small white flowers most of year.
Small red-hot edible peppers.
  Black-eyed Susan Rudbeckia sp. 1ft H S/PS P W AV/M   Perennial. Bright yellow flowers in summer and fall.
Blanketflower Gaillardia pulchella 1-2ft H S/PS E W AV/D E Showy red/yellow flowers. Butterfly attractor. Annual, reseeds, naturalizes. Very cold-tolerant.
Blue-eyed Grass (Iris) Sisyrinchium angustifolium 1ft H S/PS P AC M E Spring flowering groundcover. Showy. Spreads. Perfect at the base of a bird bath.
Blue Flag Iris Iris virginica 3ft H S P AC M/FL E Perennial. Lavender flowers in spring. Wet sites. Naturalizes.
Calamint Calamintha georgiana 2ft H S/PS P A AV/D E Rare dryland mint. PInk-purple blooms spring through fall, full blooming in fall. Attracts butterflies and bees.
  Cardinal Flower Lobelia cardinalis 3ft H PS/SH P AC M/FL E Perennial. Brilliant red flower in summer. A favorite of hummingbirds.
  Cutleaf Coneflower Rudbekia lanciniata 3ft H S/PS P AC M/FL E Perennial. Unique Fl black-eyed susan, green flower heads. Easy to grow if you have moist soils. Blooms summer-early fall. Re-seeds.
Dotted Horsemint aka Beebalm Monarda punctata 3ft H S/PS F W D/AV/M   Perennial. Mint family. Good insect pollinator. Aromatic.
  Giant Ironweed Vernonia angustifolia 2-5ft H S/PS P W M   Perennial. Purple blooms June to October. Combine with goldenrods. Attracts butterflies. Re-seeds.
  Goldenrod Salidago fistulosa 3ft H S A W AV/M E Showy stalked yellow flowers summer through fall. Attracts pollinators.
  Goldenrod. Seaside Salidago sempervirens 6ft H S/PS E AV D E Plant somewhat succulent. Spikes of yellow flowers summer through fall.
Milkweed. Swamp Asclepias incarnata 2-3ft H S/PS P W M Perennial. Pink flowers. Butterfly attractor and larval food.
Milkweed. Tropical Asclepias curassavica 2-3ft H S/PS P W AV/D E Florida-friendlyPerennial. Red/orange flowers. Butterfly attractor and larval food.
Mistflower Conoclinum coelestinum 1ft H S/PS P AC AV/M   Special OrderPerennial. Lavender/blue flowers. Spreads. Butterfly attractor. Groundcover.
Mistflower (Seaside Ageratum) Ageratum littorale 1ft H S/PS P AC AV/M   Perennial. Lavender/blue flowers. Spreads. Butterfly attractor. Groundcover.
Red Penta Pentas lanceolata 3ft SH S/PS P W AV/M E Florida-friendlyPerennial. Long-lived. Butterfly nectar plant.
  Red Salvia (aka Tropical Sage) Salvia coccinea 2ft H S/PS F W D/AV/M E Perennial. Red flowers. Butterfly attractor. Reseeds. White, purple and pink varieties available.
  Rosinweed Silphium asteriscus 3ft H S/PS P W AV/D E Stalked yellow flowers spring through fall.
  Rouge Plant Rivina humilis 3-6ft SH S/PS F W AV/D/M E Spreading plant for color in shade. Red berries for birds.
Spiderwort Tradescantia ohiensis 18ins H S/PS P W D/AV/M E Perennial. Blue or white flower. Clumping groundcover.
Stoke's Aster Stokesia laevis 2-3 ft H S P W M Perennial. Purple, showy flower. Forms clumps that can be divived.
  Tampa Verbena (aka Tampa Vervain) Grandularia tampensis 2ft SH S/PS F W AV/M E Deep purple flowers. Doesn't spread, short-lived.
Tickseed Coreopsis leavenworthii 1-3ft H S F W AV/M   Showy yellow flowers. Mass planting. Good butterfly attractor. Self-seeding. Naturalizes.
  Tickseed, Lanceleaf Coreopsis lanceolata 1ft H S/PS P W D/AV   Erect perennial from basal rosette. Yellow flowers Jun-Oct. Refined, Good cut flowers. Reseeds. Tolerates drier soils than other species.
  Twinflower. Blue dyschoriste oblongifolia 8ins H S/PS F W AV/D E Blooms spring through fall. Groundcover. Butterfly larval food.
Yellowtop Flaveria linearis 18ins SH S E W AV/M E Perennial. Yellow flowers. Excellent for moist, saline environments.
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