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Let us help you develop a beautiful, life-supporting and environmentally-sensitive native plant landscape that:

  • Is ecological and economical, native plants can minimize or eliminate lawn, fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation.
  • Promotes and supports biodiversity, native plants provide food and habitat for birds, butterflies and pollinators.
  • Helps to redesign suburbia into the "Real Florida," a gardening approach that promotes Florida's natural beauty and a authentic sense of place.
  • Has "the right plant for the right place," native plants can thrive in all of Florida's natural conditions, from full sun and salt swept sandy soils to deep shade and flooded wet soils.
  • Has hardy edible plants for both year-round and seasonal gardening. Native or Florida-friendly edibles can provide healthy, home-grown food for you, your family and friends.

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Our Best Plants to Attract Wildlife (CLICK on the image for printable plant lists):

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Wildflowers for Weddings, Events and Photography Sessions

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